Small Business Hosting

 Small business hosting is web hosting specifically designed for the needs of small businesses. Learn what features you may expect from a web host that specializes in small business hosting. Also see what small business hosting features are offered by HostMonster.

What Is Small Business Hosting?

While some businesses aim to serve a large and diverse population, perhaps offering multiple departments or plans, each designed to meet the specific needs of a section of its customers, other businesses choose to focus exclusively on the needs of a particular set of clients. These two approaches are found in web hosting, as in other industries, and it is possible to find small business hosting as either one choice among many plans offered by a web host or as a web hosts main focus.

Often, when a web host chooses to have a limited number of plans, often just a single plan, it will choose to offer a plan with a great deal of built-in variation, capable of serving a range of customers. And, in fact, many web hosts have chosen to create a single plan that is designed for small business customers and people building personal websites.

Characteristics of Small Business Hosting

Small business hosting is designed to meet the needs of small businesses:

• It is designed with a small business’s limited resources in mind: small businesses usually don’t have an extensive budget for website building.

• It is designed with a small business’s limited personnel in mind: small businesses usually do not have a dedicated IT person—often, the owner must do it all.

• It is designed with a small business’s need to be able to sell online.

• It is designed with a small business’s need to start earning in a hurry.

• It is designed to keep up as a small business grows.

So, although not every small business web host announces explicitly that small business is the or a target audience, when you find hosting that is inexpensive, has a range of options for site set-up both for those who can code and those who can’t, offers ecommerce options including shopping carts, marketing, and ways to integrate with payment choices such as PayPal, and quick set-up capabilities, you know you’ve found small business hosting.

Small Business Hosting at HostMonster

HostMonster is an example of a web host that focuses on small business hosting. They offer a single, flexible plan that is available for under $10/month . HostMonster provides free website builders, including PageWizard, which allows you to work from a template (which serves both those who are new to websites and those who need to get a site built as quickly as possible), and offers SimpleScripts, a one-click installer for a diverse collection of software applications (over 70), most of which can be used to build a website. The SimpleScripts offerings include blogs, content management systems (CMS), forums, photo galleries, shopping carts, and wikis, any of which may be the basis of a small business. HostMonster’s cPanel control panel is well organized and uses icons to help manage all aspects of the site and the account with the web host. Unlimited disk storage space, bandwidth, domains, and email accounts are available for a growing site. Up-to-date scripting languages and resources for programmers allow the small business owner who does have the knowledge or funds for a more technical approach or who is ready to replace a start-up website with a more elaborate or customized design has the tools to do so.

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