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HostMonster Webmail refers to the email hosting benefits offered through the HostMonster web hosting package.  This article reviews the HostMonster Webmail options including horde, SquirrelMail, and roundcube. Find tips on setting up and using your HostMonster Webmail.

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HostMonster Webmail allows access to email from any Internet-connected computer anywhere in the world. HostMonster offers three types of webmail—horde, SquirrelMail, and roundcube—and clear instructions for setting them up and using them. Here are the HostMonster email basics.

Introduction to the Three Types of HostMonster Webmail

Before you make a choice about what type of HostMonster webmail you may wish to use, it’s useful to have some background information on what features they have and what makes each one unique besides the basics included in any webmail program.

 horde—Horde webmail includes features to allow you to choose your language, delete and undelete mail, and blacklist and whitelist senders. In addition to forwarding email, you can also redirect it. It offers standard icons for performing the usual email functions and a folder-based organizational scheme.

 SquirrelMail—SquirrelMail webmail includes features to allow you to read and unread mail, as well as delete it, move it around to organize it, and forward it. It provides a ‘Thread View’ option.

roundcube—Roundcube presents each email with standard options allowing you to reply, print, move, or delete the email, but you can also view the source code of any email.

HostMonster Webmail Set-Up

To set-up your HostMonster webmail, you start by logging into you cPanel hosting account. Then you:

  • Go to the ‘Mail’ section of cPanel.
  • Select the ‘Email Accounts’ icon.
  • You will now see the available email addresses listed.
  • You will see, to its right, the amount of space it is using, plus options to change the password, change the quota, delete the email account, and a button called ‘More.’ Click on ‘More.’
  • A dropdown menu will open, allowing you to select the choice ‘Access Webmail.’
  • Enter the email address’s password and click the ‘Log-in’ button.
  • A screen appears offering you a choice of reading webmail with horde, SquirrelMail, or RoundCube, and the option to autoload with any of the three. It also provides webmail setup options including: change password, forwarding options, auto responders, configure mail client, email delivery route, and email filtering. You can select the webmail client you prefer by clicking just below its icon.

Other HostMonster Webmail Access Options

Here is some further information about accessing your HostMonster Webmail:

  • It is possible to log-in to your HostMonster webmail securely. This is explained in the knowledgebase article “Webmail Secure Login.”
  • It is possible to log-in to your HostMonster webmail client of choice directly. This is explained in the knowledgebase article “Webmail Client Direct Login URL.”
  • It is possible to access your hosting account email through Gmail. There is a video tutorial explaining how to do this. It is called “How to Access Your E-mail with Gmail.” There are comparable tutorials for Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.
  • It is possible to log-in to your HostMonster webmail directly without going through the cPanel interface. This is explained in the knowledgebase article “Webmail Access.”

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