HostMonster Hosting Package

HostMonster offers a web hosting program that—as of April 2011—was the home of 1,700,000 websites.  Regularly prices at $7.95 per month, but currently on sale for $3.95 per month, the HostMonster Hosting Package provides unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited email accounts for its Linux OS shared hosting packages.

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Other services that are unlimited are the forwarding email accounts, the email autoresponder, add-on domains, parked domains, subdomains, and FTP accounts.

HostMonster offers cPanel for its control panel. This is a widely known and acclaimed control panel, but if you are unfamiliar with it, you can try it on the cpanel website. Go to and choose “Domain Owner Panel,” the second offering in the list. Note that each demo on the page has two versions, the one with the asterisk after its name being the one to choose if you need to try it from behind a company firewall.

Another feature worth noting in the HostMonster Hosting Package is the one-click SimpleScripts installation of over seventy applications. You may see references to Fantastico De Luxe on the HostMonster website, but this is an older tool that they are now encouraging their customers to migrate away from because SimpleScripts is easier.

SimpleScripts provides access to WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Moodle, Zen Cart, and Agora Cart, as well as other blogs, content management systems, and shopping carts, as well as bulletin boards, forums, photo galleries, polls and surveys, and social networking apps. Many of these applications can form the basis of an entire website. This is in addition to Page Wizard website builder, which allows you to start from a template or a blank website.

If you are considering an ecommerce site, besides access to six different shopping carts through SimpleScripts, you will probably find the password-protected directories, free generated SSL certificate, and SSL secure server of value. You may also appreciate the $75 Google AdWords credit.

If you are a programmer, you will likely be pleased by the availability of the LAMP programming environment, including not only the Linux OS, but also the Apache Web server, all three P programming languages (PHP, PERL, and Python), and MySQL databases. Also included are PostgreSQL databases, Server Side Includes (SSI), CGI-Bin and CGI Library, Shell Access (SSH), log files, custom cronjobs, and customizable error pages. Ruby/Ruby on Rails and support for custom PHP.INI files are also provided.

HostMonster’s 24/7 support has won awards. All support is US-based—not just phone support, as some other sites offer—so you can use Live Chat or email and get the same quality of support as the phone support. They also offer an “Anytime Money-Back Guarantee,” while comparable sites’ guarantees are far more limited.

The Knowledgebase is better developed and includes more articles (932) than many comparable sites. There are also 60 Video Tutorials, a user help forum with a special section for advanced users, and a Getting Started Wizard.

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