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HostMonster E-commerce features include shopping carts, ssl certificates, and more. Check out this article to see what the HostMonster e-commerce features can do to help you with your business website.

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HostMonster E-commerce support is even better than the list of features would lead you to believe. As a web host that aims to serve both those who create personal websites as well as small business sites, the features page of HostMonster is aimed at both audiences. The features that make HostMonster a choice that those doing e-commerce might want to consider include:

• Six free shopping cart open-source software applications (Agora Cart, Cube Cart, Magento, OS Commerce, Tomato Cart, and Zen Cart), as well as two premium ones (ShopSite and Marketecture—all available to HostMonster customers through SimpleScripts to help you organize your site and sell your products.

Shopping carts are one of the main ways that e-tailers sell merchandise. They provide a system that is analogous to the retail shopping experience, allowing customers to browse through the products or services on offer in a variety of ways, place items in a virtual shopping cart, specify customizations, choose to end shopping and “check out,” and complete an online transaction, including arrangements for shipping, downloading, or otherwise receiving their purchase.

• Other approaches to e-commerce sites created by choosing solutions from the SimpleScripts offerings and using premium or free add-ons, modules, themes, and/or plug-ins. Possibilities include:

  • Using the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal with Drupal ecommerce, a set on modules that can be added to a basic Drupal installation and provides shopping cart functionality
  • Combining Drupal with a module called Ubercart
  • Adding a shopping cart module to another CMS, such as either a Joomla! installation or a Mambo installation
  • Using the blogging software WordPress with one of the free WordPress ecommerce plug-ins or a premium ecommerce theme or plug-in

• an SSL Secure Server—this is required for ecommerce, either on the e-commerce merchant’s premises or run by the web hosting company. It is necessary to secure the transfer of credit card information from the customer to the merchant.

• a free generated certificate—this refers to a shared SSL Certificate, but it can be replaced with a purchased private SSL Certificate that is created for your own domain

• password protected directories—note that this works differently than usual if you use FrontPage extensions on your website. 

• Open PGP/GPG encryption—PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, while GPG stands for GNU Privacy Guard, a free substitute for PGP, which is proprietary. They are both data encryption systems. 

• SimpleScripts’ access to, a vendor of postage approved by the United States Postal Service, allowing e-merchants to facilitate order shipping.

• a credit for Google Adwords worth $75.00 for promoting your website

• access to image galleries to help embellish your website and support for multimedia to allow you to develop product product promotions that go beyond text and photos

•  mailing lists, social networking, and bulletin board forums, allowing you to interact with customers

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