HostMonster vs. StartLogic

In this HostMonster vs. StartLogic review, we are focusing on two of the best web host providers on the web to see how they compare against one another. In our HostMonster vs. StartLogic review we are comparing pricing and features to see which option provides the best web hosting.

In doing research for our HostMonster vs. StartLogic review, we first found that both of the web host providers are considered to be two of the best in the web hosting industry. With so much competition from other companies on the web these days, to get a good ranking against the competition is no easy feat. This is why we decided to review both HostMonster and StartLogic to help break down the features and tools that make these companies great at what they do for each customer.

HostMonster – $7.95 $3.95/month:

  • Unlimited space and bandwidth
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free domain name registration
  • cPanel control panel
  • Google Advertising credits
  • Free website builder and templates
  • Free online store tools
  • WordPress easy integration
  • No outsourcing
  • Money back guarantee – anytime!

StartLogic – $6.95 $3.95/month:

  • Unlimited GB of storage
  • Unlimited GB of transfer
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Free domain name registration
  • Free setup
  • Point and click website builder
  • Shopping cart tools and options
  • Advertising credits
  • Free RatePoint subscription
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Instant setup

These features listed above are just a few of the web hosting tools and services HostMonster and StartLogic have to offer. Both of these companies offer a variety of features that are essential in getting your website up and launched. Both web hosting providers offer free domain name registration, which means the normal cost to register a domain name is covered in the low monthly cost. From there, both companies provide customers with a free website builder to help get them started in building a creative and professional website. Let’s take look at both HostMonster¬†versus StartLogic individually to help break down the differences and comparisons between these two best web hosts. First off, HostMonster has been around for over 10 years, which means this company has had a good amount of time to really see what works in web hosting and what doesn’t. HostMonster is known for offering customers quality products for an affordable monthly price. HostMonster also gives customers a chance to try before they buy with the cPanel demo so customers can see for themselves the security and flexibility offered by HostMonster. You can feel confident in HostMonster web hosting ¬†because this company also offers an anytime money-back guarantee. Using a program like SimpleScripts, HostMonster¬†also allows users the chance to easily integrate tools like WordPress and Gallery quickly and easily with one click.

On the other hand we have StartLogic. This is also another one of the best web host providers on the web as we discovered in our HostMonster vs. StartLogic review. This company is also known for offering a variety of web hosting tools that are great to help a new customer get starting in launching a quality website. StartLogic is known for its e-commerce and shopping cart options, which are great tools to have when first starting up an online business. If you plan on using your website to make money or start a business, having a shopping cart and other online store tools are essential, which is why this is a great option from StartLogic. New customers also have access to easy installation of programs like WordPress and Gallery as well. This makes it easy for customers to use and build a blog to go along with their website. The instant setup and website builder StartLogic offers is great especially for new customers that are not so familiar with designing and building their own website. StartLogic wants to make is easy for even the newest customers and Internet users.

The price for both HostMonster and StartLogic are both pretty comparable on a monthly basis. It is clear as to why both of these companies are award-winning web host providers. Ultimately it comes down to the consumer as to which direction you would like to take in choosing a web host. We have found that both HostMonster and StartLogic are some of the best web hosts around and you should definitely take the time to check out both when you get a chance to find out which company would work best for you and your web hosting needs.

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