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When searching for a web hosting company for your website you want to make sure their web hosting features are search engine optimized. HostMonster SEO Hosting offers a number of SEO tools and features to ensure your site is optimized to be found by the search engines.

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HostMonster’s SEO hosting features are spread through several areas of their website. So unless you do some extensive searching, you won’t be aware of all the SEO tools that are available.

Features List—In the ‘Site Promotion’ section, HostMonster’s free search engine submission and the $75 Google credits that they offer. But this isn’t the full extent of offerings by a long shot.

SimpleScripts Offerings—Yes: you have to dig to find out what’s here, but it’s worth it. This list is just some of the tools available through Simple Scripts to work on your site’s SEO:

  • ShopSite shopping cart software (premium), with its provisions for static pages, complete freedom in page naming, image alt tags, meta tags, automatic XML sitemap generation, and Google product search submission.
  • Marketecture SEO services (premium) is offered at three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Included in at least one level are all  aspects of the optimization of your site, from keyword research to sitemap generation to competitor research to content optimization to keyword density analysis, etc.
  • Boostabilty free search engine submission to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  • SEO plug-ins, add-ons, and widgets that are available with the installation of blogs, such as WordPress, and content management systems, such as Joomla!, Drupal, and Mambo
  • SEO features that are available through the various shopping carts HostMonster offers. For example, Tomato Cart has an explanation of how to create SEO friendly URL’s and one on how to generate and submit sitemaps to Google.

HostMonster cPanel—If you are familiar with cPanel, you will expect to find an SEO section. Not so fast! HostMonster places SEO hosting aids in several different sections that are farther up the page.

  • Partners—In the partners section is a link to Boostability (mentioned above) for search engine submissions, and more when you click on ‘More Partners.’ This is the place where you find out that the Google credit is for AdWords and find the link to your Google AdWords Coupon Redemption page, and while some people distinguish this as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) as opposed to SEO (Search Engine Optimization – which aims at achieving naturally high search engine rankings), Some people use the term SEM to cover the entire field, while others use SEO to cover the entire field. If you distinguish carefully, you would count Google AdWords as SEM, not SEO
  • Promotional—If you prefer the lower regions of cPanel, you can access the same list of More Partners under ‘Promotional’ by clicking on ‘More Offers.’
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools – There are four tools in this section. Get In Google is a program offered through Attracta ( to speed up Google submissions. Google Score Card, another offering from Attracta, is a service to assist you in making your site meet Google’s guidelines. Google Map Listing, a third Attracta program, is aimed at bringing in local customers. Finally, Link Building, a fourth Attracta program, that helps you get listings on Google Maps and Google Local and build links to boost search traffic.

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