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HostMonster forum hosting refers to the forum options available through the HostMonster web hosting package. If you are creating a website with a forum you will want to choose a web hosting company that offers forum hosting. Read this HostMonster forum hosting article to see if HostMonster has what you are looking for in a forum host.

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Introduction to HostMonster Forum Hosting

Forums can be central elements in websites that center around providing a meeting place for people with a common cause, interest or hobby. Forums can also provide an ancillary, but integral, part of a product or service website when they are used for help or customer support. Similar to many other sites that also provide inexpensive shared hosting, HostMonster provides users with forum hosting options, using SimpleScripts to offer customers choices of applications with easy, one-click installation of the extras of their choice, which in this case, includes five different forums with different features that may suit different purposes.

HostMonster Forum Hosting Choices

Here are brief intros to introduce the five forum applications that you can get for free on HostMonster through SimpleScripts:

• bbPress is a free, open-source flat or threaded forum application made by the same folks who make WordPress. As of March 2011, the latest version is 1.0.3, but SimpleScripts offers 1.0.2. bbPress offers customizable templates, themes, and plugins to extend functionality. Its compatibility with WordPress may serve those who use a blog or whose entire site is created through WordPress, or those who just want to add a well-supported forum. bbPress offers its own documentation, and HostMonster provides no additional support other than installation.

• phpBB is a free, open-source flat bulletin board application that can take on a threaded appearance through the use of a plug-in. As of March 2011, SimpleScripts offers the current release, which is version 3.0.8. phpBB offers many forum features, as well as documentation and a knowledgebase on their website. HostMonster provides two specific articles about phpBB in the “Creating Your Own Message Board” section of its “Getting Started Wizard” in its HelpDesk area. They are called “Installing phpBB” and “Using phpBB.” A search in the main help search turns up some other articles including “phpBB Themes” and other articles that allude to issues that users of phpBB may encounter.

• PunBB, a free, open-source flat discussion board, was designed for speed and simplicity. SimpleScripts offers the current version, 1.3.4, which the original designer has chosen to keep free of advanced text formatting, file attachments, private messaging, and polls, although it reportedly can be threaded using a plug-in. Support is offered on the website, while HostMonster offers nothing more than general installation information for SimpleScripts.

• Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is a free, flat forum application for which Simple Scripts offered the current version, 1.1.13, in March 2011. Version 2 is being developed and has reached the point of Release Candidates. SMF includes templates, themes, and modifications. An online manual is available on its site, with HostMonster providing no additional support.

• Vanilla Forums supplies open-source flat forums that are standards-compliant and have a mobile version. SimpleScripts was offering the current version,, in March 2011. Customization is possible through themes and over 500 plug-ins.  The Vanilla Forums website offers documentation, while HostMonster does not.

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